Items to Consider When Choosing Live Chat Software

Installing a live chat software program is a must if you run an e-commerce site or if your company has its own website. Live chat capabilities enable you to connect with potential and existing clients in real time and on a more personal and more efficient level – definitely a step up from traditional customer service. In return, your revenue will increase because not only will your company gain customer loyalty. It will also, in all likelihood, become more popular because of its unmatched dedication to providing support to clients.

If you’re convinced that there is a need to incorporate live chat support in your website, the next thing you should do is find the right software solution that can meet your company’s needs. Below are some of the items concerning live chat software that you should consider before making a purchase.

Offline Support

live chatMake sure that the software you choose is not only compatible with computers but also has mobile access. It would likewise be better if the program can alert the company via text message if there is someone in need of live support. This way, you (or whoever is in charge of providing support) can easily log onto the application and respond to queries anytime and anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet.

Canned Responses

These are basically prepared statements that a live chat operator can readily send to a customer. These are very useful when engaging in two or three simultaneous conversations and in answering frequently asked questions quickly and competently. Before you purchase a live chat program, check first if it allows you to prepare several canned responses which you can easily access and send when needed.


As with blogging platforms, the best live chat application allows you to customize several of its features to meet your needs and preferences. This is very important because if the chat icon or button sticks out like a sore thumb, for example, the overall look of your website is ruined. One may argue that that is just an aesthetic issue, but it can negatively affect the consistency of your brand identity. On this note, opt for a program that allows for customization of themes, skins, and chat buttons among others. This way, you don’t need to install another application if you decide to do a rebranding of your business or change the look of your website.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is important to anyone with an e-commerce site because it provides relevant data regarding the activity of visitors, including the frequency of their visits as well as the most popular page in the website. Correct and careful analysis of the said information can give you an idea of which among your services/goods is in demand and of how your business is doing in terms of retaining customers. That being said, if your budget allows it, choose a live chat software solution that has a web analytics feature.

Start monitoring your website with live chat software.

The criminal lawyer

There are different types of lawyers that people who are faced with lawsuits or accusations can go to for their defense. One specialization is a criminal attorney, this lawyer handle cases that deal with criminal acts. Criminal lawyers can practice in private law firms or work for the government, in such case they are called the public attorney.

Everywhere in the United States, a criminal attorney Salt Lake City perhaps would have the same responsibilities as that in any other state in the country. Their main concern is look into the accusations and to provide necessary evidence that would make the case filed against their client false. Likewise criminal attorney also could help their client win a criminal lawsuit that they file against another individual.

criminal attorneyThere are an abundance of criminal attorneys. Salt Lake City would also have a handful of legitimate and well competent criminal attorneys. One just needs to go open their internet browser and search for criminal attorneys and a multitude of classified ads would be available. Salt Lake City being one of the most populous cities in the country faces hundreds of criminal cases everyday and criminal attorneys never run of cases to handle, may it be a simple DUI charge to a murder case.

A murder case would most of the time be highly publicized, hence a criminal attorney, Salt Lake or any other state would need to be able to be able to present himself well in public. Although not a subscribed by the court, most juries would be swayed by the public opinion and would be influenced with what they feel is the strongest opinion there is. A defense attorney that could take public opinion work for them already won half the case as this would definitely influence the jury.

Perhaps the most common lawsuit handled by a criminal attorney, Salt Lake for example, would be a DUI charge. Since large cities and large population would mean a bigger chance of driving under the influence, criminal attorneys are called to defend such offenders. There are however defense attorneys that specialized in DUI charges, same as there are defense attorneys who would specialized in murder trials.

However, the bulk of the work that these criminal attorneys would have to tackle is the investigation where they need to validate claims or falsify the accusations that their clients made or are faced with. Investigations would need to be thorough as one overlooked piece could make or break a case that they are handling. Likewise, criminal attorneys need to be able to make their evidences work for in favor of their side. Criminal attorneys are known to be able to turn their evidences around and make people believe what they want them to believe. It is most of the time, a life that is one the line with criminal cases.

SEO Service Secrets

The internet is growing at an SEO Serviceunbelievable rate. Because of that, it is getting harder and harder to get a decent search engine ranking. There is likely hundreds of direct competitors to your company out there and with the internet, it makes it seem that much harder because every company can reach anyone with an Internet connection. This is why you need to learn SEO service secrets – to get ahead of the competition and give yourself the best chance to succeed. Whether you want to tackle the SEO plan by yourself or with an SEO service company, understanding the keys to success is the first step to improving your search engine ranking.

The great thing about search engine optimization is that you are in control of it. You control your own destiny and your success does not hinge on what your competitors do. This is great news for you! Meaning you can put in as much or as little work as you like, and you will see a direct correlation to how well you do.

First things first, you need to have a good, optimized website.

If you are getting visitors to your site and it is not ready to convert visitors to sales, you will have likely lost an opportunity forever. If you are using a landing page, make sure this is easy to read and easy to follow. You do not want a customer coming to your landing page and being confused. Tell them where to go and what to do and they will do it! Get rid of unnecessary graphics and videos because this will just make the loading time faster and as you know, internet customers very impatient very quickly! Optimize the rest of your website with keywords, a great title and tag line, images and the like. All of your tags, descriptions and content pieces need to have keywords (but not too many!). Make sure it is natural and easy to read.

Once you have a great website with a killer name, matching URL and optimize it with keywords, it is time to do some off-page optimization. While it is important to have your site optimized, you need to make sure you are bringing people to it! Some great outlets for posting articles, blogs and updates are social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (if your company doesn’t have a profile, make one immediately!). Furthermore, you can guest blog on related websites, comment on community forums and answer pages.

By doing all of the above, you will solidify yourself as a leader in your niche, and you will be able to gain the trust of your future customers. The more links you create naturally with articles and blog posts, the more search engines will notice your SEO service efforts and you will be rewarded!

Keywords Are Essential For Any Successful Business Website Thanks To SEO Techniques

seo2Interested in driving more traffic to your business website, you may want to check out search optimization (SEO) strategies. It is a relatively recent trend that proves to be a cheap way of turning your dull website into a customer magnet.

It is all about keywords. Those are words and phrases that people are typing into their favorite search engines. When they are interested in something, they will try to find more information about it. If your website shows up in the results, you may make a sale or potentially get a new customer.

There are some easy steps to follow in order to accomplish an effective website.

Most importantly, you need to understand what SEO keywords are. That term involves what words you should use to grab more people’s attention.

Next, you have to make a list of quality keywords that best describe your products and services. After that, you should check out these SEO tools that research keywords and check keyword rankings. You can do that anytime.

You then are able to write content for your website. When you do this, you need to keep in mind what those crucial keywords were and use them throughout the site. One thing to remember is to use these keywords about two times in each paragraph.

Besides the main text of your website, you should add these SEO keywords in other areas of your site. They may include titles, descriptions, image captions, links and others.

And finally, you should regularly check SEO tools that involve keyword research. The data for some words may change over time. It is important to check how much traffic is being driven to your website. There is another tool for that.